Aston Martin DB2/4 Coupe
(------ / 1955)

The DB2/4 was presented in the 1950’s as Aston Martin’s entrance into the British sports car world and as the new model following the DB2.

The interior layout was changed to a 2 by 2 configuration and the engine originally equipped was the same as the DB2’s 2.6 liter 6 speed DOHC. However, in 1954 the new, 3.0 liter, engine was introduced which gave the car a top speed of 193km/h. The handling, as always, was sterling and the

The DB in the series name comes from the initials of David Brown who led Aston Martin during their golden age.

The example on display was manufactured on May 5th in 1955 and has been lovingly restored by the late celebrated English collector, David Wooly, after having been shared for generations among owners in Western England.