Aston Martin DB5 Salon
(------ / 1965)

This is a sport car model produced by the Aston Martin Lagonda company between 1963 and 1965. David Brown, who oversaw a golden age at the company, personally had a hand in the development of the DB4, DB6 and DB 8 models. These are widely considered among the fastest and most premium GT cars ever produced. The DB in the name comes directly from David Brown’s contributions to their design.

The body designs were hand crafted from aluminum by the Italian Carrozzeria Touring team’s superleggera style.

The DB5 is best known as the car driven by James Bond in the famous movie series of this period. For this reason the model is often referred to as the “Bond-mobile”. The car was also featured in such famous US movies as Cannonball Run and the TV series Mission: Impossible. It is a model with a deep connection to the world of movie and TV and remains embedded in the memories of millions from its appearance in such iconic works.