Delahaye Type 178 Chapron
(------ / 1953)

During the period immediately following the war the Delahaye automotive brand was considered, among connoisseurs, to be at the peak of refinement. The example on display here, the Type 178, features a triple carburetor, 4 speed electro/mechanical transmission and 6 cylinder 140 horse power engine. The beautiful body work and elegant design was hand crafted by the famous Chapron company.

The Delahaye company was known as the maker of fine automobiles for the elite sets around the world and as epitomizing the style and elegance of haute couture. However, shortly after this car was built, in 1954, the company left the automotive world behind. This was seen as a product of the times as automobiles became a mass consumer good and less of a rare, luxury item for the uber wealthy.

This car has been awarded the distinction of best of show during the 2000 Meadowbrook Hall Concours d’Elegance in America.