Rolls Royce 25/30HP Sports Salon
(------ / 1937)

This was the beloved car of Yoshida Shigeru, former prime minister of Japan. He was well known for his love of English automobiles and many older films of him while in office feature him riding in this very car. It was passed down to Yoshida’s son-in-law, Aso Takakichi, who saw to its loving preservation for many years.

A unique feature of this car is its license plate which is specially issued and is the only single number plate in Japan and reads (3 せ 4046). This plate has been kept valid and on the car from the time of its original owner, former Prime Minister Yoshida. The appearance and components have been maintained in their original state and it is still eminently drivable.

This car is not just an important example of the long history of Rolls Royce automobiles in Japan but of Japanese history itself.