Lancia Lambda Tipo 221 Casaro
(------ / 1928)

First presented in the 1922 Paris Motor Salon, motor show, in 1922 the Lancia Lambda was developed by Vincenzo Lancia himself.

This was the first car built using the monocoque construction technique. It also featured the first true independent suspension system mounted on an automobile which allowed it to handle more of the poor road conditions prevalent at the time in greater comfort for the driver and passengers.

The example on display is one of the 1928 models of the Lancia Lambda built in March of that year. It is also one of three Lancia cars displayed in May of 1928 at La Festa Mille Migilia (*1).

This same car has been presented at La Festa Mille Migilia from 200 onwards and won best of show in 2014 among stiff competition from around the world.

(*1) La Festa Mille Migilia ran from 1927 through 1957, for 30 years, and featured a race on public roads. In 1977 La Festa Mille Migilia was reborn and has continued to this day.